A little about us

Healthcare Opinions specialise in finding the right people to participate in medical related market research and usability studies.  This involves finding people who are medical professionals – providing care at all levels – or people who are receiving care or treatment for a range of conditions.

Since 2008 we have conducted research in a variety of therapy areas from eczema to multiple sclerosis, in addition to Parkinson’s disease, COPD and many more.  We regularly gain insight and expertise from professionals from across the healthcare sector with research studies for GPs, consultants, nurses of all specialisms, pharmacists and healthcare support workers.


Meet our friendly team

Specialist healthcare recruiters

We have a dedicated healthcare market research team, accredited with the MRS, AQR, BHBIA as well as being bound by the MRS Fair Data Policy and the Data Protection Act 1998.

Research for healthcare professionals

We regularly conduct research amongst healthcare professionals; applicable to doctors of all specialisms, nurses, pharmacists, managers, ancillary and support staff.

Research for healthcare users and carers

We also conduct research for healthcare users, including those with acute or chronic conditions, along with people who provide care for friends or family with healthcare needs.