Healthcare Opinions specialise in finding the right people to participate in medical related market research and usability studies.  This involves finding people who are medical professionals – providing care at all levels – or people who are receiving care or treatment for a range of conditions.

Since 2008 we have conducted research in a variety of therapy areas from eczema to multiple sclerosis, in addition to Parkinson’s disease, COPD and many more.  We regularly gain insight and expertise from professionals from across the healthcare sector with research studies for GP’s, consultants, nurses of all specialisms, pharmacists and healthcare support workers.

Julie Fuller – CEO 

Healthcare Opinions was established by Julie Fuller in 2008 to focus on medical market research while her other companies, Research Opinions and Acumen Fieldwork, continued to organise general market research on consumer products and services. Before establishing herself as one of the most recognisable and trusted names in the market research industry, Julie worked as a nurse and is well placed to understand the intricacies of healthcare specific market research.

In addition to running her companies, Julie also sits on the boards of both the AQR and the MRS Company Partners – two regulatory organisations within the market research industry; ensuring that we’re always at the forefront of any industry innovations.

Our Recruitment Team

Lizzie Coultas – Head of Medical Fieldwork

Lizzie joined the company in 2010 after previously working in the wider market research industry. Now as Head of Medical Fieldwork, Lizzie is responsible for overseeing all healthcare related market research, conducted by, both herself and her Medical team. When not spinning plates in the office, Lizzie enjoys travelling around the world, visiting new cities, watching live bands and expanding her repertoire of vegetarian cooking.

Jordan Ashall – Senior Healthcare Fieldwork and Team Manager

Coming from a background in Biomedical Science with a keen interest in research, Jordan was an ideal fit for Healthcare Opinions when he joined the company in 2013. Passionate and professional, Jordan enjoys being able to utilise his knowledge and expertise on a wide range of projects and therapy areas. Away from work, Jordan can usually be found playing squash or enjoying his ever expanding record collection.

Julia Banks – Healthcare Fieldwork Manager

Julia joined Healthcare Opinions in 2015, from another independent research agency, turning her focus from arts and culture sector research to specialising in the new niche area of medical recruitment. While Julia enjoys the variety and complexity of the projects she manages, she is particularly interested in providing patients and professionals, with the opportunity to take part in research on the topics that that they are truly passionate about. Outside of the office, Julia likes to spend her holidays taking city breaks in Europe or in a muddy festival field with her friends.

Vicki Moran – Senior Healthcare Fieldwork Manager

Vicki is one of the Senior Fieldwork Managers on our healthcare team, working on a range of projects which require the input of both healthcare professionals and people with specific health conditions. Vicki loves the rewarding nature of her work; facilitating research which could ultimately help the lives of people with long term health conditions. Outside of the office Vicki is a keen bargain hunter and can be regularly found scouring vintage fairs and charity shops for that perfect purchase.

Alan Shirley – Healthcare Fieldwork Manager

Alan joined Healthcare Opinions in 2016, after making the big move from the South. Outside of work he loves to cook, go out for meals and if the English weather permits, a game of golf or two! If he didn’t work in Healthcare his ideal job would be a code breaker during the war because he loves using mathematics and patterns to solve problems.

Becca Hatton – Healthcare Fieldwork Manager

Becca joined the Healthcare team after working for a medical market research agency in South Manchester. Originally from Blackpool, Becca was drawn to Manchester after completing her degree in Zoology at the University of Hull. Within her role, Becca is responsible for managing a wide range of healthcare related market research and with a background in biology she’s well suited to the team. Outside of the world of market research Becca is huge fan of the festival scene in the UK and, when she’s not preparing for Glastonbury, she’s often hunting for new live acts in and around Manchester.

Research Opinions

We also have opportunities for people to participate in general consumer market research. You might be asked to give your feedback on new advertising, trial new products or offer your thoughts on your favourite places to spend your money. All of our research is offered with financial incentives and rewards – whether you’re taking part in group discussions, interviews or filling in our online surveys, they’re a great way to earn some extra money for your time and opinions.