We are looking for:
  • To be using Deep Brain Stimulation

We are looking to speak with adults who are using Deep Brain Stimulation for Epilepsy, Essential Tremor or Parkinson’s and adolescents with Primary Dystonia.

Patient Programmers for Neurostimulators

This study is for a patient programmer, which will involve people currently or previously implanted with neurostimulators.

During the session, [you/you and your child] will be asked to interact with a patient programmer for a Neurostimulator.

The patient programmer will not actually be connected to any Neurostimulator and will not have any effect on [your / your child’s] therapy.

Study length: 2 hours

 Location: Manchester (M1) Between Wednesday 4th and Friday 6th September & London (Strand- WC2R) between Monday 9th and Thursday 12th September