We are looking for:
  • To be currently using or recently used a neurostimulator

We are looking to speak with adults and adolescents regarding Deep Brain Stimulation and pain management. We are going to be running 2 studies:

Study 1: Wireless Rechargeable Neurostimulators 

This study for a new recharger, which will involve people currently implanted with rechargeable neurostimulators. During this study, you will be asked to provide feedback on a new recharger.

The recharger is intended for people who are currently implanted with neurostimulators for deep brain stimulation and pain management.

Study 2: Patient Programmers for Neurostimulators 

This study is for a patient programmer, which will involve people currently or previously implanted with neurostimulators.

During the session, [you/you and your child] will be asked to interact with a patient programmer for a Neurostimulator.

The patient programmer will not actually be connected to any Neurostimulator and will not have any effect on [your / your child’s] therapy.

You are able to take part in both studies