We are looking for:
  • Adolescents (aged 12-17) who have been diagnosed with long-term health condition
  • Those who are happy to provide feedback about a prototype medical device

We are looking to speak with people aged 12-17 who have been diagnosed with a long-term health condition.

Participants must be accompanied by a parent/chaperone and will be completing a user-testing session.

The study will consist of a training session for 45 minutes, followed by a 1-hour break, after which you will participate in an evaluation session for 90 minutes. Participants will not be asked to administer any medication on themselves or anyone else, no medications will be present.

The research team has also implemented several safety measures to help reduce the risk of spreading COVID-19, such as wearing personal protective equipment such as masks and gloves, frequently using hand sanitizers, and social distancing during the interview.