We are looking for:
  • Young ostomates (0-18yrs) and their parents/ caregivers

We are currently working with Vox.Bio, an independent market research agency, to run a research study looking to understand more about the experiences of young ostomates. Specifically, we are interested in the perceptions of their stoma, pouching routine and any improvements they’d like to see to their current ostomy products. Ultimately, it is hoped that this research may help guide new product development, to help improve the journey for future patients.

We are interested in speaking with parents/ caregivers of ostomates, aged 0-15 years old and directly with ostomates aged 16-18 years old. Ostomates aged 6-15 years would be invited to join their parent/ caregiver during a small section of the interview.

We are looking for a mix of stoma types, and these can be temporary or permanent.

Different session formats are available depending on age of ostomate, you can see specifics below:

Parent/ Caregiver of 0-5 year old: 60 minute online interview
Parent/ Caregiver of 6 -15 year old: 90 minute online interview (including 30 minutes of ostomate participation)
16-18 year old Ostomate: 3 day online research, 1 task per day, 30 min per task

Incentives are £60+ depending on length of session, requirements and any applicable pre-tasks.

Any information you provide us with will be treated as confidential, it will be combined with feedback from others like yourself and you have the right to refuse to answer questions or withdraw at any time.

Taking this opportunity to have your voice heard would greatly help us further our research, and your participation would be hugely appreciated.