We are looking for:
  • Adults who are considering, about to start , or have recently been discharged from private hospital treatment

Healthcare Opinions require the help of adults to gain a better understanding of the patient journey through private hospital care.

The study has a few different options and this would depend on where you are in your journey:

8-week diary task with up to 3x 30-minute Zoom interviews, for this you would receive £150, plus a £30 bonus on completion

30-minute Zoom interviews for which you would receive £60 as a thank you

The study is looking at the journey from start to finish and we will not be asking you to provide personal details of your medical treatment or condition.

If you are eligible for the 8-week diary task, you will complete your first interview from 8th August, where you will meet your dedicated member of the research team. All diary tasks will be completed via WhatsApp and in a variety of ways, pictures, videos, voice notes and text.

Interview for the IDI’s will be completed between 8th August and 16th September