Who are Healthcare Opinions?

Healthcare Opinions are a team of market research recruiters who specialise in finding participants for research which is specific to healthcare professionals, patients and their carers. We are part of Acumen Fieldwork, a market research company which manages market research on all topics, and are part of the Fuller Research Group, which includes Research Opinions and Aspect Viewing Facilities.

What is healthcare market research?

Healthcare market research is market research which is focused solely on issues relating to Healthcare professionals and patients or carers who are dealing with chronic or acute health conditions. We do not conduct any medical trials and research with us, primarily involves nothing more than giving feedback on new websites, government initiatives, product packaging or just giving general feedback on your experiences.

Why should I take part?

Taking part in market research means gives you the chance to help shape the way future products and services are developed and delivered. For healthcare research, that could be helping to decide how healthcare initiatives should be run, shaping advertising, or giving invaluable feedback on the design of new medical devices like inhalers or injection pens. In addition to this, Healthcare market research comes with a range of financial incentives which means that you will be paid for your time and opinions.

Will it involve testing new medications or treatments?

Healthcare Opinions do not participate in medical trials. Our research is strictly for the purposes of understanding your thoughts and opinions and we will never ask you to change any current medication you might be using and nor will we ask you to try any new medication. We do however conduct Usability Studies which might involve handling new designs of devices or equipment to see how usable it is.

What will happen in a market research session?

The market research which we organise generally takes the form of group discussions, one-to-one interviews, telephone or online interviews, online forums or writing a journal or diary. These can take place in a market research venue, like Aspect Viewing Facilities, in your own home or in another venue like a hotel. Once you have applied and been accepted onto a market research session you will be sent full details about the date, time and location of the session, along with information about your financial incentive. The research session typically involves an informal discussion on the subject that you’ve been selected for where you will be asked for your thoughts and opinions based on your personal experiences.

What will happen to the information I share through market research?

Healthcare Opinions is part of Acumen Fieldwork and, through them, we are members of the AQR, MRS Company Partner Scheme and the BHBIA and our work is done in accordance with their rules and regulations. We are also bound the General Directive for Data Protection (GDPR) and the Data Protection Act 2018.

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